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5 years after founding and running a sustainable ski company, Ferreol Skis, we realized that there was a need for more resistant and more sustainable materials. Although nature is the skier's playground and the industry is striving to reduce its negative impact on the environment, it still has a lot to learn. Our primary target market is the sports equipment industry, with a focus on ski manufacturers. In the long term, we intend to expand into other markets. 

Where did the idea for a new alumiun alloy come from?

We all studied mechanical engineering at Université Laval, and with our first company, Ferreol Skis, we've developed innovative solutions based on the experience and technical expertise we've accumulated over the years. 

Québec's aluminum industry has existed for more than a century. It’s a sector that has developed significantly, particularly over the last 20 years, in which time it experienced continuous growth. Thanks to its ready access to hydroelectric power, the greenest renewable energy in the world, Québec produces aluminum that is durable, respectful of the environment and mindful of its impact on climate.

Our project came to life with the help of major players such as Rio Tinto, the CQRDA, the Centre de métallurgie du Québec, the City of Quebec, Desjardins and Asterx.

Étienne Boucher, Félix Lapointe, Jonathan Audet

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